Hiring Process

Telmar selects future employees through a standard hiring process. We expect you to submit your resume which outlines your education, experience, knowledge, skills and abilities for a specific open opportunity. Telmar will contact you if a close match exists.

During the initial conversation we will ask you to complete an employment application to bring with you to a scheduled interview. Our application should accompany your professional references with the ability to speak openly about your past performance.

If you are a final candidate we will perform a thorough background check. Infractions do not automatically disqualify you from possible employment, unless you have not disclosed this information on your employment application. 

If you are selected as our top candidate then you will receive a verbal offer of employment that is contingent on your passing a drug screen. You will receive a written confirmation letter detailing the employment offer.


There are a few required documents you must sign or present upon hire in the United States. 
Telmar participates in the federal e-verify program. Telmar also requires proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. If the position requires you to operate a motor vehicle, please be prepared to present a valid driver’s license.
As a condition of employment you will be required to sign Telmar’s Code of Business Conduct agreement and the Confidentiality and Invention Assignment agreement.
Employment Application