Telmar Flash Drive (TFD)

Extend the Life of Legacy Systems with Telmar's flash drive SCSI DRIVE REPLACEMENT

The Telmar Flash Drive (TFD) is an integrated solution that utilizes proven SCSI drive architecture and industry-standard Compact Flash Card technology, providing a solid state, drop-in replacement for electro-mechanical hard drives. The SCSI bridge PCB allows service providers to have a quick, low-cost flash memory solution for their legacy system through TFD’s configurable firmware that matches the legacy system's software.

Telmar Flash Drive Benefits

  • Deployed and proven on many, many platforms
  • Integration is quick and easy
  • Emulates the operation of a SCSI hard drive
  • Currently available in two physical types of packaging:
    • Hard Disk Drive (HDD) replacement with no external removable storage device
    • Magneto-Optical (MO) drive replacement with externally removable CF memory card slot
  • Firmware controlled by SCSI interface is adaptable to host's software SCSI drivers
  • Provides a transparent interface from the SCSI bus to solid state flash
  • Eliminates the problems found in traditional electro-mechanical/magnetic media storage devices
  • Fast, efficient field replacement
  • Less power consumption, noise and heat
  • Fast write speeds
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced unplanned downtime
  • No additional software required for operation due to its SCSI data storage/bootable drive
  • Field upgradeable straps for selection as specific drive in multi-drive configurations