Ciena CN3600

Ciena® CN3600

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Ciena recently sent out a notice that they’ve end-of-lifed the CN 3600 products. If you have these products in your network, what do you do now?

Well, now you turn to Telmar Network Technology. Not only do we own the Traverse products which were rebranded the CN 3600 products, but we also provide technical support, repair services and new or pre-owned equipment. If you need a replacement product, please refer to the product chart below:

CN 3605 (TE-100) CN 3606 (Traverse 600)
CN 3616 (Traverse 1600) CN 3620 (Traverse 2000)


Click here to see the full list of the optical transport products, access products and line cards that Telmar owns, fully supports and repairs. For more information contact us or email our Traverse team.