Asset Disposition & Consignment

Turn excess assets into working capital

From boards to racks and cabinets to routers, Telmar can turn your excess assets into working capital. A leader in Certified Pre-Owned Sales, Telmar offers asset disposition and consignment programs that are designed to maximize your return. Unlike others, Telmar adds quantifiable value by remarketing equipment that passes our rigid testing and quality standards. This ensures that only the highest-quality equipment is sold to service providers.

When you agree to sell your assets through Telmar’s program, each piece of equipment is inspected by our Inbound Quality Assurance team, and then in Inbound Testing. If the board or other equipment is faulty, it’s returned to you. If it passes our stringent tests, then it is placed in our Certified Pre-Owned Inventory. When an order is placed, the equipment goes through Outbound Quality Assurance. When it ships out to the purchaser, your consignment payment is sent directly to you.