Repair Capabilities

Telmar Network Technology delivers multi-vendor, network-wide telecom system repair to global service providers, OEMs and enterprises around the world.
System Manufacturer
1218 Alcatel
1603 Alcatel / Telmar
15454 Cisco Systems Inc
1218C Alcatel Network Systems
1603/12 SM Alcatel / Telmar
1603 SM Alcatel / Telmar
1624 SM Alcatel / Telmar
1630 SX Alcatel / Telmar
1631 SX Alcatel / Telmar
1633 SX Alcatel / Telmar
1648 SM Alcatel / Telmar
1680 OGM  Alcatel / Telmar
1680 OGX Alcatel / Telmar
3B21 Lucent 
460 ACS Dantel Inc 
4E Lucent 
532 TCS Tellabs, Inc 
5ESS Lucent 
82 Carrier Lenkurt 
84 Carrier Lenkurt 
85 Carrier Lenkurt 
A1000  Alcatel Network Systems 
A7300 ASAM Alcatel Network Systems 
ACCESSMAX Advanced Fiber Communications 
AISWITCH Series 180 Applied Innovation, Inc
ANYMEDIA Access Lucent 
B302 Alcatel 
B303 Alcatel 
C8000 Conklin Instrument Corp 
CATALYST 2900 Cisco Systems, Inc 
CVX 1800 Nortel Networks 
D3 D4 Vidar
Westell, Inc
 D4 Pulse Comm, Inc
Charles Industry
Link America
D424 Alcatel Network Systems 
D448 Alcatel 
DACS IV Lucent 
Data General Bandwidth, Inc 
Data Positron Networks 
DCB 24 Telco Systems, Inc 
DCD Symmetricom 
DCD 400 Symmetricom 
DCD CIM Symmetricom 
DCO Siemens 
Stromberg Carlson
DDM 2000 Lucent 
DDS Conklin Instrument Group 
DEX Alcatel 
DEXCS Alcatel / Telmar 
DEXECS1 Alcatel / Telmar
DEXECS3 Alcatel / Telmar 
DEX STP Alcatel 
DISC*S Marconi 
DISC*S MX Marconi 
DMS 10 Nortel Networks 
DMS 100 Nortel Networks 
DMS 100E Nortel Networks 
DMS 1U Nortel Networks 
DMS 200 Nortel Networks 
DMX 2003 Alcatel 
DMX 3003 Alcatel Network Systems 
DR2D Avantek 
EDGELINK100 Telco Systems, Inc 
ESF LIU-3A Integrated Network, Inc 
EWSD Siemens 
EZT ADC Telecommunications, Inc 
FDN2400 Nortel Networks 
FDN600 Nortel Networks 
FLASH-192 Fujitsu America, Inc 
FLASHWAVE 4500 Fujitsu America, Inc 
FLM-150 Fujitsu America, Inc 
FLM-2400 Fujitsu America, Inc 
FLM-600 Fujitsu America, Inc 
FMT-150 Nortel Networks 
FT-2000 Lucent 
GALAXY Lucent 
GTD-5 AG Communication System 
HDSL Pairgain 
IMACS Premisys Communication, Inc 
IMTN Alcatel / Telmar(iMTN) 
LNG-2000 Lucent 
LS-2000 Alcatel / Lucent 
Mainstreet Newbridge 
MATRIX Marconi Communications 
MDR-4000 Alcatel 
MDR-8000 Alcatel Network Systems 
MEGAHUB Alcatel 
MFA-150 Nortel Networks 
Microwave Western Multiplex Corporation 
ND4E NEC America 
OGM Alcatel / Telmar 
OM 3500 Nortel Networks 
ONS 15454 Cisco Systems, Inc 
OPTERA 80 Nortel Networks 
PG-FLEX ADC Telecommunications, Inc 
Power Emerson
C&D Technologies
PROACT  Westell, Inc
RC-28D NEC America 
RDX-31 Alcatel 
RTE24 Telco Systems 
S/DMS ACC Nortel Networks 
S/DMS EXPRESS Nortel Networks 
S-24DU Seiscor Div, Seismograph Service Corp 
SLC SER 5 Lucent 
SLC-2000 Lucent 
SLC-96 Lucent 
T1 REPEATER Lenkurt 
T1C Lucent 
TITAN 532L Tellabs, Inc 
TITAN 5500 Tellabs, Inc 
TITAN-OC Tellabs, Inc 
TOTAL ACCESS 3000 Adtran 
TOTAL ACCESS 750 Adtran 
TWINPACK-PLIS Power Conversion Products, Inc 
UMC1000 Advanced Fiber Communications 
Tellabs, Inc
VORTEX Marconi 
WBS 3190 ADC Telecommunications 
WIDE BANK Carrier Access Corp
Wireless Ericsson 
XCEL-12 Godigital Telecommunications, Inc 
XCEL-8 Godigital Telecommunications, Inc 

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