Zoning & Site Acquisition

Telmar is uniquely poised as a single source services provider for large project supervision and management for your transmission tower requirements.

Our turnkey systems include site acquisitions and lease and co-location agreement processing. Telmar is experienced in resolving tower site issues and regulations including: NEPA, CEQ, Endangered Species Act, US FWS, National Historic Preservation Act, EPCRA, ACHP, zoning and local ordinances. 

We provide a comprehensive suite of technical services:  

  • Site surveys and tower mapping
  • Tower design, fabrication and tower erection
  • Structural analysis and tower modifications            
  •  Antenna and cable installations, microwave dish installations
  •  Sweep testing of antennas and lines
  •  Site civil work including pads, shelters, electrical, conduit runs, fencing
  • Tower lighting and signage
  •  Site and tower maintenance and inspection services